Both Melissa and Caroline have been birders since they were very young. Melissa grew up in South Africa, traveling to Kruger National Park, Botswana, and other bush locations. She completed her PhD on savanna tree ecology at the University of Witwatersrand in 2017. Melissa now works for BirdLife South Africa in the Terrestrial Bird Conservation Programme as the Threatened Species Project Manager. She is an avid photographer of all things wild and wonderful and is proud to call herself a ‘nature nerd’.

Caroline grew up on the coast of Maine, attending birding camps and sailing through the islands and bays in the state. She first came to South Africa in 2011 for a study abroad program and returned in 2013 to pursue her MSc in ornithology. She has since completed her MSc working on Cape and White-backed Vultures and is now working on her PhD examining the expansion of European Honey-buzzard in southern Africa. She is both a compulsive birder and lister.

Together Melissa and Caroline frequently explore southern Africa’s natural landscapes in the hope of finding birds and any other interesting plants or wildlife. Both Melissa and Caroline are registered atlassers with the Southern African Bird Atlas Project (www.sabap2.adu.org.za) and hope to contribute to improving the conservation of southern Africa’s wildlife and natural heritage.

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